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  1. Got it working great but after a few days the SD Card all of a sudden stopped working? anyone any ideas? I also can't seem to get sub connection working even when I have the debugging usb mode ticked, not sure why?
  2. I should have? I got the one that was put up on the guide on this site, is that not the right one? Thx for the reply btw :)
  3. Hi installed a Rom (cynagoenmod 9.1 by Dazzozo) and got all the way to the end where you "reboot system now" but when it reboots it says "unfortuneatly, setup wizard has stopped" and thats as far as the phone goes I can't get into the phone at all, anyone got any ideas? otherwise my phone is useless...
  4. Hi just put the "cynanogenmod 9.1 ROM by Dazzozo on my phone and all was going well until I got to the "reboot system now" (from the help guide on this great site) but when it rebooted it just says "unfortuneatly, setup wizard has stopped", thats as far as he phone goes, anyone know how to fix this? EDIT - Close thread, should have posted this in the newbies thread section...
  5. Hi just install this and got as far as "reboot system now" at the very end of the guide but when it rebooted it kept coming up saying "Unfortuneatly, setup wizard has stopped". Can anyone help? my phone is stuck like this...
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