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  1. Hi there. Sorry for such kind of delays, Today we have managed to get 1 part of the codes from the factory and replied on the webserver. The other part is in process and we got a promise from our guy that codes will be delivered tomorrow regardless holidays. I hope we will get them tomorrow, Thanks
  2. sometimes just rooted phones does not accept ANY kind of code, thats why is better to unlock the phone BEFORE rooting
  3. Hi, the phone must be with original firmware so the codes can be accepted by the phone, After unlocking u can install another CWM
  4. Sure, all orders are refunded MANUALLY if the code is not in database
  5. Sorry we cannot know each IMEI in the database, U can try to order, if no code arrives, means no code in Huawei database for that IMEI actually all models supported, but many IMEIs are not updated in the database yet
  6. pls give me ur Email from which u contacted me and didnt get response
  7. all codes on time, If there are any delay, that is only from Factory side and we dont have any control over it Right now many huawei suppliers will say huawei database is down, but we are still using backup options, so thats why there can be little delays and some Not found codes as well
  8. all codes now delaivered , Sorry for any delay our service caused
  9. Sorry for not receving ur codes yet, The thin is that Holidays in China and factory wil start work on June 13th and codes should be delivered as they promised. Once again sorry for delays
  10. hi, its better to update firmware to original one before unlocking, so the code can be accepted, After that u can root ur device again, and it wont get locked
  11. http://www.modaco.com/topic/362050-modaco-approved-huawei-unlock-codes-request-here-375/ here u can order Network unlocks from approved modaco seller
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