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  1. really sorry to bump up an old post, but i also have this tablet and reading through your experiences i have to say i had a very different experience, i have only just discovered my tablet model (re discovered my poorly written handbook yesterday and this page came up through google) i got mine from amazon as well from a company "factory direct from china" and the order was first delayed, then a month later when i finally received the device it was covered in dead pixels. after one day the hard drive failed, i had it replaced and was told i had been given a old (used) hard drive, around 80% of the sectors or bad if i can recall correctly. (didnt return it as i didnt want to wait another two months to use my device) anyway since i had to re install windows and the device had no windows key with it i then had to pay for a copy of win 7. after this i couldnt get any of the drivers to work from the cd, there is now a strip on the touch screen that wont respond, ive opened it up so many times to attempt a repair but i cannot see anything wrong. anyway, the main reason im posting is to ask (because the cd that came with my device does nothing, and i have since lost it) do you know where i can get a driver for the "g sensor" on this tablet? i cannot find it anywhere, its rather annoying. thanks guys, hope your mods turned out well.
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