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  1. I don't know, man. You can test, if you want, and than, tell me. I haven't got bluetooth headphones :)
  2. Yes, mobile data and camera works well. :)
  3. Topic on ACER-CLUB.ru Good Rom with Jelly Bean interface ported from Acer Liquid. Based on Lens_flare CM7. Features: 1. Nice interface, created in Jelly Bean Style, included Holo Locker (you can delete it if you want). Statusbar also in Jelly Bean style. 2. Optimized by build.prop tweaks and adrenalin engine tweaks (thanks for ImbaWind). 3. Opportunity to enlarge free space for apps with Adrenalin Boost. How to do it, i tell you later. 4. Google apps (Gapps) included. Play market will be available after entering Google account. 5. Link2sd included. You can transfer your apps from internal memory to sdcard. Also included Root Explorer (file manager). 6. Cyanogenmod equalizer DSP Manager. 7. Superuser app included. 8. Advertisement block with the help of AdAway. 9. Working all, except FM radio, which i try to improve in the next build. If you find some bugs, please, tell about it in comments :) STABLE VERSION COMPLETE! YOU CAN LOOK NEW SCREENSHOTS. NEW BUILD AVAILABLE FOR DOWNLOAD SCREENSHOTS (Full size) DOWNLOAD LINKS: ALPHA #1 ALPHA #2 STABLE 1: http://yadi.sk/d/WCBXbcCv4Z9w4 INSTALLATION: 1. You need an official 4.000.13. 2. Copy this rom zip archive to the sdcard root. 3. Install CWM Recovery and enter it. 4. Backup system if you need (choose backup and restore ---> backup). 5. Wipe data & factory reset ---> Yes Wipe cache ----> Yes 6. Wipe dalvik cache (choose advanced ----> wipe dalvik cache -----> yes). 7. go to mounts & storage and format /boot format /system format /data format /cache You SHOULDN'T FORMAT SDCARD 8. Install zip from sdcard, disable toggle signature verification, next choose zip from sdcard -----> JellyBean_Mod, install Installation complete, reboot your metal and enjoy new rom. :D After that, ignore YouTube FC (it will not be when you add new account, open gmail and sign in google. Than - TESTTTT and tell me about bugs! :) Credits: 1. Lens_flare and his partner for CM7 Rom 2. MASTER_T and Diljeet for their rom for our old brother Liquid A1. 3. Me for port and optimisation. HOW TO MAKE MORE FREE SPACE 1. Go to "TERMINAL EMULATOR" 2. Enter "su". Deliver root permission to app. 3. Than enter the command "boost" 4. Complete. Emulator tell us how much free space were before boost and how much became. P.S. After su command entering and root permissions providing, perhaps, you need restart app, and after that it will work definetely. __________________________________________ Sorry for my bad English, I'm russian :)
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