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  1. It's the best ROM for g300 thank you
  2. I want put a question but only at me if i'm in vibration mode and i've disabled vibration at some app this app vibra?
  3. sorry but in messaging app there isn't flag to disable vibration for all apps as android jb
  4. Happy new year at all. A question. There is the possibility to disabile vibration at notification? Thank you
  5. Not working video player
  6. I want know there is flag in Vibration on notifications?
  7. I've a question. How i can delete vibration forma notifications? Thank you
  8. Sorry but a question:"how i can deactivete vibration for notifications?
  9. Sometimes i haven't signal... then i reboot and signal turn on... Only me with this problem?
  10. sorry but new development? New stable release? Nothing?
  11. He had deleted project...
  12. Sorry but i don't find rom wind 3.4 kernel...

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