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  1. when I do that, it doesn't show total amount of RAM / free ram, it just shows how much RAM each app is using I have no mobile data, neither 2g or 3g :(
  2. did someone had network problems? I have one of those "funny sim cards" and when I flashed this rom, with full wipes of course, didn't have network at all, neither 2g or 3g...never had that or similar problem on any rom before...if it's relevant, i have officially unlocked bootloader
  3. I had the same problem, than dropped back to stock+ and got product id, which was bad according to their form on that site you were referring to...try with b952 or some other official ICS P.S. got my code via E-mail
  4. Haven't tried your repack, I will do it in the afternoon... on Hay's release problem was still present
  5. Mobile data works fine now, both 2g and 3g...but, I've had a random reboot while browsing with baidu browser :blink:
  6. I can confirm that mobile data now works on my 4 year old sim :D
  7. it could be network unlock code, i've heard that they have send network unlock codes by mistake (maybe because of poor english) several times
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