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  1. Shaxo

    How to add XPERIA keyboard to CustomROM?

    Problem solved built rom again and everything works. Thanks for the reply (thanks fly).
  2. Hello everyone. I'm creating a ROM for L3 and I have a problem, so I wanted to change the keyboard on the CM9 with XPERIA, but I have a problem because every time it installs Xperia keyboard pops up a message that the application has been stopped xperia keyboard. It does not work or add to the ROM or upload separately for recovery. Please rapid assistance in correcting this error.
  3. Shaxo

    No backlight keys (CustomROM)

    Ooo... I repair my rom and my kays lighting. Suxsem kernel first version break rom. I'm very happy :D Pls close
  4. Shaxo

    No backlight keys (CustomROM)

    CM9 now is not bad. I can normal using. I want create rom based on CM9 but I can't fix my problem. Help me!
  5. Welcome. I have a problem so recently made ​​my own rom based on CM9 (only changed the launcher and theme) and it works beautifully but without backlight lower buttons, the menu and back. On clean cm9 backlight works, so why in my ROM does not work. I want you to tell me what I'm doing wrong, you may need to edit the file, but some who? Thanks in advance for your reply Sorry for my bad english

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