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  1. vickdu31

    European OTA roll out started (UK is a go!)

    Got my french 8go retail OTA update this morning ;) A friend got his SFR 16go Kitkat update on friday morning !
  2. Will there be a 4.3/4.4 compatible TWRP recovery ? My power button is broken and i would like to try CM11 but i'm stuck on 10.1 because i can't use power button and if i change recovery, i will have to use it !
  3. vickdu31

    DSP Manager ?

    Ok so we need a custom recovery and root ? Do we loose warranty when unlocking bootloader ? On my Atrix, when i called motorola they said there's not problem about that... I think i'll wait for the oficial kitkat and then start unlock bootloader and CM11 :) (dsp will be included i hope )
  4. vickdu31

    DSP Manager ?

    Hi, i realised that the sound quality with headphones isn't that great than with my previous phone (Moto Atrix) but i guess this is just software related. I would like to know if it's possible to use the CM's DSP Manager on the official ROM of my Moto g. Thank's :)
  5. Hi, i would like to know if a moderator could create a device thread for the E2 ? Thank's
  6. Hi, this phone is really famous now in France, Spain, Italy and i hope it will become more ! But there is not any place/community available, with any developpers. Some people in some lost forums try to make some roms but we need to be all together. How to ask a new dedicated section in Modnaco ?
  7. What is this ?? http://www.miui.com/download-39.html
  8. vickdu31

    Sege xyz-x1

    Hi ! I just wanted to say something about mtk6589 devices, the Acer Liquid E2 is one of them and its really famous in france, belgium, spain... Released in may. Acer have publish the full kernel source code on their website : http://www.acer.co.u...ntent/drivers (document tab) If it would help to get CM or MIUI (there have been some ports but there is a lot of issues...).
  9. vickdu31

    [DEV] Ubuntu Touch [ROM]

    Same here ! Would it be possible to build a new version with the new features of Ubuntu Touch (last version) ?? I'm so exited to see this !

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