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  1. Hi I´m using http://www.modaco.co...uchwiz-rom-v12/ (CM7.2 android 2.3.7) and USB Tethering works perfectly.
  2. Yes stock rom, sorry and thanks, i think that is broken :(
  3. Hi my camera don´t work in the acer liquid E custom rom (android 2.2), i flash the phone with cyanogemmod 7.2 (android 2.3.7) with all the hardware working, but my camera have the same problem, i can fix it flashing other file camera from acer??
  4. Hi Someone know activate the led notification in the Acer Liquid E with cyanogenmod 7.2??
  5. It´s amazing rom!!!!! Thanks B) :D :D
  6. I have "Malez Recovery" Can I install the rom with this recovery??
  7. hi i cant install the rom in my acer liquid e, i have the malez recovery, i need CWM to install?? the recovery says "installation aborted, umont all ... (i dont remember the exactly word) in the principal menu) i do it but dont work...
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