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  1. Thank you sir! Keep up the great work.
  2. @Paul - is it possible to make a mod to make the app drawer background transparent on the HTC One? Thanks.
  3. Ok so I sort of fixed this my self. I had also enabled the mod that allows you to disable system notifications (thanks for that btw the stupid persistent notification about battery saver being off was annoying). I started undoing everything I did step by step to figure it out. I re-enabled the power saver notification and rebooted and viola, haptic feed back was back. So I wanted to confirm that it was disabling this notification that caused the problem so I disabled the notification. Well haptic feedback was still there! I rebooted again to be sure and so far so good. Sort of weird but maybe it will work for that other dude. Thanks!
  4. I have the same issue. Power saver is off.
  5. If this young man listened to the officer he'd still be alive. Not everything is about race. Don't be an idiot. #waterloocop

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