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  1. Dude it's an era of Phablet (Smart Phone + Tablet). Undoubtedly Acer Iconia is superb, but I would recommend you to Go for Samsung Galaxy S3 or S4. S4 is a flagship device and haven't got a chance to have hands on with. But yes I have played around with Samsung Galaxy S3. It will be apropriate for your needs. The smart phone is just as powerful as anything in the mobile computing arena and screen resolution and size are just perfect. It comes with so many hidden tricks and tips. here I would like to give you something which i have read before some days. Let me check my system If I have bookmarked the site or not. Oh here it is... http://www.toptechtune.com/2012/10/some-useful-tips-for-samsung-s3-new.html
  2. pritesh123

    [Themes] GO Locker FREE Themes

    Once again amazing themes. i have been away from the forum for few days, and here it is what have developed, for good!
  3. pritesh123

    [Themes] GO Launcher Ex THEMES { FREE! }

    Oh man, real nice shares. thanks
  4. pritesh123

    Nokia Lumia 800 v/s Nokia Lumia 900

    Here I found a valuable comparision. I haven't got any answer from MoDaCo forum, so I was wandering around on various tech site. Let me collect the link for other users. Yes here it is... http://www.toptechtune.com/2012/01/difference-between-nokia-lumia800-and.html
  5. pritesh123

    Nokia Lumia 510 officially announced

    Go for Nokia Lumia 520, Just amazing. recently I have a chance to hands on with it. Budget Windows phone that you will love to have...
  6. pritesh123

    S3 Touchwiz - Good or Bad?

    If you are aiming for unique launcher, you can also try everything.me launcher.
  7. Nokia has launched Lumia series last year, and for the sake of good, the series has helped Nokia to survive in this competitive market. Nokia Lumia 820 and 920 has been launched but I want suggestions from all of you that which one is better between Nokial Lumia 800 and Nokia Lumia 900 according to you?
  8. pritesh123

    Migrating SMS from Android to iOS

    You can give a try to file conversion, I guess. I have never passed from such a situation but my logic says you can convert the basic file format in 3 steps instead of 2 steps strategy that you are using. E.g. : Back Up file formate < Some popular File Formate < iPhone SMS file format. Try to Google a bit on this path.
  9. I have Nokia Lumia 620 and it's just awesome. I know the offer has been expired on 3rd April, for those who reside in UK; still it is worth to have! Enjoy.
  10. pritesh123

    What will be your next Android phone and why?

    I would like to have Sony Experia Z as it is just amazing Flagship device from Sony. I will love to have screen resolution such as provided by Sony.
  11. pritesh123

    Asus PadFone 2 Review

    A full fledged review with pictures. Thanks buddy for sharing.
  12. pritesh123

    Nokia Lumia 520 only £99.95!

    Nice offer man. I will definitely think about it once.
  13. Shazam app is available for WP7 not so sure about WP 8. Whatsapp is available for WP8.

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