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  1. "Тот же самый инфракрасный порт...отстой." (на @YouTube, http://t.co/LHcsLbhSBA)

  2. Thank you for the help... Whether and it is possible to ask someone a backup of the present working file Channel1.nvm ? Or Bekap of the .qcn file which can be received the QPST program?
  3. "Русофобия на канале DW..." (на @YouTube, http://t.co/JfOlTixpwy)

  4. Before loading this firmware I tried all ways for brick revival... After restoration through ZTE Firmware Flasher it looks so.
  5. I assume that I am the owner of ZTE Racer... I from Russia... At us it is on sale as MTS 916 and RTK D1 I had a bitter experience... I turned the device into a brick .The screen of phone was black... There was only a red light-emitting diode. FTM didn't work and other methods of recovery of the software didn't work. I found an firmware of our Russian operator for restoration through ZTE Firmware Flasher This firmware returned a working condition of phone...But there is a problem...There is no own original backup Channel1.nvm In the ZTE Firmware Flasher program I removed the standard "Files" folder I changed this folder from this archive...http://narod.ru/disk.../sysdy.rar.html is a Russian file exchanger. Further I corrected IMEI by means of Heks of the editor. Earlier it was RTK D1 for the operator of Utel.... After my revival it became MTS 916 for the operator of MTS...But it works even with my operator Utel ... Earlier I saw a lot of information for restoration of bricks of ZTE Blade... But these ways didn't work at this phone... I was lucky that I found an firmware for restoration through the ZTE Firmware Flasher program for this model. You have a very good forum ... it helps me to bring back to life a brick. Unfortunately I did not keep a backup of the settings and calibrations. Wi-Fi doesn't work :( In the menu of information on the device there is no MAC the address Wi-fi and Bluetooth Whether it is possible to restore operability of Wi-fi? The video camera is also not working. Screen rotation does not work. Is it possible in this situation to use someone else's work file "Channel1.nvm" ? I tried to appropriate any MAC address for Wi-Fi through the QPST program I merged and uploaded the file which I edited Heks the editor... but it was vain.
  6. Greetings to you from Russia ... I hope for your help. I have a brick ...RTK D1(Utel)...это ZTE U V852 . Sorry for the bad language, I am writing to you through a translator.ZTE Firmware Flasher program can load the firmware into the phone .... But he has a black screen and a red LED. Initially I damaged system files using Root Explorer .... then tried to recover by ZTE Firmware Flasher ..... but it's made ​​things worse. Maybe there is a way to recover? I hope for your help.
  7. "Может кто дамп вышлет со своего? " (на @YouTube, http://t.co/H0UoHgQSbP)

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