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  1. aropop


    Any one tried this for rooting 1.063 WW_GEN1 (official acer jelly bean) ?
  2. aropop

    Screen black

    Thanks alot for the help, they took it in service no problem
  3. aropop

    Screen black

    I tried but it wouldn't boot for some reason!
  4. aropop

    Screen black

    It wont boot to cwm anymore :/ i think i broke the kernel with trying to flash miui :(
  5. aropop

    Screen black

    Hello Got pretty bad brick now, i can only acces fastboot. No ADB no boot. Best chance is probarly bringing it back to the store right? Thx
  6. If the bootloader is unlocked, you can just aswell flash the TWRP?
  7. aropop

    Cannot mount /system as RW even as root

    All I know is that you can boot (adb boot boot.img) from a other kernel, but you need an unlocked bootload to actually flash the image.
  8. aropop

    Cannot mount /system as RW even as root

    So with this kernel it is possible to mount system RW? Do you need unlocked bootloader for this? Because i'm on RV04RC9 too but did not unlock?
  9. aropop

    Root CloudMobile Jelly Bean

    Can you reupload the boot.img I'm running official jellybean 4.1.2 and want root acces to remove acer apps!
  10. aropop

    Need help to make apk

    If you know how to code java it's not that hard at all, http://stackoverflow.com/questions/6802810/running-shell-commands-from-app-rooted Just make an app with a button that executes these commands in the script from the link. If don't know how to make apps I could look into it but it's really not that hard if you know how to code ;) Greetz Aropop

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