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  1. Lol im using fb app on y300, not so much lags :D I think that work perfectly on devices like moto g
  2. Did u get ur Moto G? Can u write the review on Modaco, and then say "goodbye" :D?
  3. I bought Samsung Galaxy S3 Neo (i9301) last week but delivery is 45 days......
  4. Why I can't extract any .zip and any .rar file? I try with Root Browser (free on google play) and Root Explorer (by speed software) and always extract is failed. Can anyone help me? (This was happend on 11.11 version, on old versions of ROM I never had this problem.)
  5. Why u need this? I've flashed only the ROM, and everything works great.
  6. @H3ROS All applications u listed above on my phone is deleted. I don't use Android Firewall or any app like this, ES File Explorer is slow and i use Root Explorer by SpeedSoftware, Shuttle is really bad versus Apollo. Use much RAM, and it's slower than Apollo. I have one problem with Google Search, I've deleted it but on lockscreen, search button on top of unlock ring is stay there. Not a "real" problem but I want to tell u this. Finally, whatever u do, this is my final ROM for this phone, and i've been happy every time when I see the update.
  7. Do Moto G 2013 and 2014 have the same ROMs like y300 and g510?
  8. I don't know i use TWRP. Did u unlock bootloader and other things before u start flashing with custom recovery?
  9. Have greek language and this is best ROM for y300 and g510.
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