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  1. Completely normal. It's part of Google Sync which remembers your WiFi login details, contacts, calendar etc. The GPE side of SWITCH actually pulled through the wallpaper I'm using on another device running CM10.2
  2. Would this post on xda help with the Xposed issue: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showpost.php?p=44013064&postcount=2308
  3. No worries Paul. Busybox is a pain to have to keep reinstalling, but that's the only bug that I've really had issues with... Oh other than the car dock issue that Glen's also having. I do like the idea of easy flashing of custom kernels though. Thanks Paul.
  4. That's true. I guess running two instances could work, although would be a pain when setting up a profile which needs to run on both. Is data the same? That's a possibility though. Anyone else think of a way to check? Or is running two instances going to be the only option?
  5. Can anyone think of a simple way for tasker to be able to identify which ROM is booted? I was thinking of a file search to see if Nova is in data/app but that's not going to be useful as a generic test, anyone got any ideas?
  6. Sorry mate, I forgot to mention to you. I did try the speech mode on Friday and can confirm it just sat on the... "Loading Contacts & Apps" (or whatever it says), and did not load. Fortunately though, after rebooting afterwards I didn't get a bootloop though. I'm intrigued to see if anyone has this working OK on stock, as I can't see why it'd behave differently on SWITCH.
  7. I found this too. If you want an app to only be available in one of the ROMS only (i.e. Google Calendar, Nova Launcher etc) you just need to move the .apk from 'data/app/' (or 'system/app/') to '/system/SWITCH/*ROM/app' *Where ROM is 'gpe' or 'switch'
  8. Ah. Thanks, I had a feeling this would be the case. Glad I'm not being a complete noob then :-)
  9. Am I being a wally? Is there a way to have Sense as the launcher on the Sense ROM, and Nova on the GE ROM? Each time I switch it asks me to select the default launcher. I've disabled 'Launcher' on the GE ROM and also set an exclusion for Nova. Bet I'm missing something simple aren't I?
  10. Boom. Widgets now sticking. Great work, off to configure Nova for ge now. Haven't had a chance to see how well this will handle the different launchers.
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