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  1. Tried march build - same result (bootloop), so it doesn't seem to be related to services.jar Also tried Broken Rom - everything is OK so far, no problem with apps installation and update. My guess is it is somehow related to Selinux permissive mode in Broken Rom.
  2. Please reupload file "Broken-spoofed-u8833.zip". It has zero size and returns error when flashing.
  3. I use Play Store, which comes with Nanomod MicroG (don't know if it is modded). Please look into the possible problem with patched services.jar (of course, if You plan to prepare next build). Thanks in advance. Meanwhile I'll try Broken Rom and let You know the results.
  4. Thanks for the reply, I'll try it. It might explain issue with updating but it doesn't explain issue with installing. If I try to install certain apps (Yalp store), phone goes to bootloop before the installation process finishes.
  5. I've been trying to set up this ROM on Y300 for a couple of days. I use 20170605 build with NanoMod MicroG. The problem is whenever I try to install or update apps from Google Play or F-Droid, phone reboots and goes into bootloop. It doesn't happen with every app, but only with some of them (for instance, with COL Reminder in Play Store, or with Yalp store from F-Droid). After bootloop I can enter TWRP and restore boot partition - phone boots normally. Also tried build 20171020 - same issue, bootloop.
  6. No system ui crash, but status bar still freezes sometimes after heavy gaming.
  7. Just tested 14/05 nightly. Troubles with systemui and status bar remain.
  8. Been using 13/5 release for 5 hours: issues seem to be solved indeed. However mostly after some heavy load (sometimes even after unlocking the screen) the phome hangs for a minute and then restarts the launcher (tried Trebuchet and Apex)

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