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  1. Lucky phone he will have some peace now. No stress flashing for him any more :D Koliko para da znam za koliko mogu moj da utopim :)
  2. R10 with linaro experimental kernel. Battery lasted 6 days with light usage ( 2 hour screen, 1 hour talk ) . My factory GB had similar battery performance :-) R12 with linaro experimental kernel. Battery lasted 36h, 2 day top, with even lighter usage :-( Phone is much faster no lag, but battery life is much worse. I don't where is the problem but maybe it helps. papachiclas you probbably don't have officially unlocked bootloader if you have to ask how to check. But here it is second post. http://www.modaco.com/topic/362821-tutorial-how-to-officially-unlock-the-bootloader-with-definitions-relock-guide-included/
  3. settings/hybrid propertis/apps find settings change size-180 layout- 720p press applay then launch ( from landscape view )
  4. Hehe then I'll skip R7. I was ready to press install when i saw you post. Thanks for info :)
  5. Your s/n is ok don't worry. Just use the one from phone sticker, if you want to sent it to huawei.
  6. If you use gb or isc rom your phone will be locked to the network, but if you use 4.2.2 (maybe any cm) rom your phone will be unlocked from the network. So no need for network unlock code. Thank Dazzozo for this feature :-) I used this to relock bootloader. http://www.modaco.com/topic/361327-relock-ics-bootloader-only-for-stock-ics-roms/page__hl__stock%20bootloader
  7. Network is ok, no reboots, fixed sound call and much better battery life. I won't say perfect, but it is for this short time I've been using it. You should definitely try it.
  8. So is that working on electra v3 ? I tried what you wrote and some camera apps doesn't record, some do start recording but freeze and make video file that cannot be played. When you change it to default recording works. I don't say it can't be done somehow but not only with changing 640 to 800. Did you try that on slim at least once not many times? Thanks but same thing. Do i need to wipe something before flashing this.
  9. Don't bother trying doesn't work. I wish it would be that simple.
  10. Did you check developer options/advanced reboot/show always and there is maybe one more place. I'm not on this rom soo can't check.
  11. Think you have typo. persist.sys.scrollingcache=3 Or 0,1,2,3. By the way i think it works.
  12. Here is the log take a look from 2242 to 2438 line or 05-12 11:07:07.890 . It's right before reboot. Sorry it is bigger log but maybe it helps. For me reboots usually happen when unlock-waking from sleep. Had few on electra r3 (cm 10.1 r4) . When it reboots it starts from pac screen, you don't see the splash screen or whatever it is called. One more thing. In performance max clock is 1008 mhz, but in antutu clock is 1267. Soo that is feature or ... Thanks 2013-05-12-11-11-33.txt
  13. Wifi maybe 2h, 3g maybe 10min, don't use 3g internet that much becayse almost always have wifi when i need it, and i chech 2g only. But on full battery it should last at least 1 day with wifi, 3g on. That is inafe you guys have to sleep sometimes don't you and phone then sleep on charger too :-)
  14. Sleeping works but he probably abuse his phone too much :-) And battery was 60% or 70% when I installed this rom. Screen 3h 16m .
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