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  1. http://t.co/bhQFx9WIWL @Eminem check this out!!! So my next case... :)
  2. true!!! Nexus has opened my eyes!!! now I'm going to upgrade it yearly...
  3. well... xolo is a popular brand here in India now!!! thanks to a slew of cheap mediatek powered devices... but still the shitty after sales service which takes a month or two to get it repaired!!! but people still buy them...
  4. LOL!!! its a shame though... developers may have kept the phone alive if Intel wasn't a bunch of A**holes for not releasing the kernel or the way to unlock the boot loader...
  5. hey guys... its been long since I posted here... I just wanted to see how many of you still rock the awesome phone... I got my X900 dead and got it replaced with an X1000 which I managed to kill again and then I got it replaced with the Nexus 5!!! I really love my nexus but I am looking around for an X900... just as a secondary phone since it was awesome... Comparing X900 with my N5 is not righteous but still apart from the crappy GPU, after sale service and no software update it was pretty much perfect... what do u guys say?!?
  6. guys anyone lucky enough to get CRT off animation on their phone??? if so which module???
  7. U need to install SU from playstore... about busybox I don't know... so search around in playstore and download latest version of busy box...
  8. how I bricked it u ask.... ill tell u... I tried installing beats audio on x1000 without creating a backup which is not possible ... it then caused my music fx to force close ... so I manually tried to replace the libs... which caused the boot loop...
  9. if u can pls try to check iif ur phone is read in recovery mode.... if so pls let me know the assholes at the service center can't repair s***.. I'm to get the phone only next week... but if it works ill get my phone back and reflash it myself ...
  10. yes I've got fastboot menu but fastboot commands don't work... also in recovery there is an option for adb sideload update.zip that doesn't work since adb devices doesn't show my phone... :(
  11. also is there something to be enabled in gravity box???? if so what.... I used to get force closes... also crt off animation needs deodex ryt if so whuats the way to do it??? also after enabling crt off can we odex it again? ??
  12. will try after I get my BRICKED x1000 back from CC... this can be a problem as x900 could be revived after a brick by recovery or fastboot... this can't be... :( please put that as a warning ...
  13. thanks... :) really thanks... just rooted it but the problem is unrooting.. and there is no way to reflash... :(
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