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  1. Well after a few relapses today i found out its not the silver piece but the actual camera lense. The silver piece has a square on it that surrounds the camera lense, but mine still faulted with the silver piece removed, so i took the back off and gently wiggled the lense which made it work again. Now i know why it breaks i know how to to fix it, but will be getting something else when i can afford it.
  2. I just used a pocket knife under the corner. Although the back of my phone is easier to take off as even though orange repair did eff all to repair the camera fault they did fix the depressed power button fault.
  3. Had my phone back from orange repair today, and for the second time it has been sent back with just a software flash and the same camera fault. So i tried what you posted, i gently prised the silver lense cover off with a knife and bent it slightly outwards, stuck it back with the sticky that was still good and hey presto fully functioning camera. Cheers mate you have saved a lot of phonecalls and hassle and probably getting nowhere and just buying a new phone. Tempted to go back to orange shop and tell them how to do it, then i think badword'em.
  4. First post, so hello. My phones camera has stopped working and i have done a full factory reset which does nothing. If i reboot it then it will open but freeze or stop after one pic. After the factory reset it opened to the front camera, but as soon as i change to rear camera it goes off and faults again. Is it worth me bothering taking it back to Orange. Or do i need to contact the makers.
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