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  1. HI, yet another problem with my G510. When you boot the phone you see the prompt 'Preparing SD Card' and then disappears, but it doesn't mount. Under 'Settings' and 'Storage' the' SD Card' it just has the option 'Mount SD Card', and if you select that, you again get the prompt Preparing SD Card, and nothing mounts. The SD Card works fine in another phone, and a different SD Card won't work in the G510 either, so it has to be a phone issue. I've booted into TWRP and I am also unable to mount the MicroSD or SD-Ext. I'm using ROM http://www.modaco.com/topic/364680-rom-huawei-ascend-g510-100-b194-v20-final-1792013/ for the last few weeks, this problem only occured in last 2 days.
  2. Good Call, thanks for that. It seems to be working fine for now, I was about to attack it with a screwdriver to have a look inside. I did was loosen one screw where the on/off button was and they started to work.
  3. Looks like I have a faulty Power and Vol+ Button. Managed to boot the phone by connecting to power first, then connecting battery. So boots up fine. But I cant use VOL+ or the Power button at all. When the screen turns off the only way to turn it on again is to reconnect the power cable. I guess this phone is dead and it has now started working again.... weird
  4. Thanks for the reply. The pink screen appears 2 seconds after I replace the battery, and holding the buttons in makes no difference so I don't know if they work. I'm trying to find the official Firmware for my model the G510 -0100, but can only find the G510-0200 (no NFC) but I am downloading that now to try. I assume you mean place the dload on the SDcard? Thanks, I left the battery out all night, and still getting the purple/pink when I replace it :angry2:
  5. Hi, my phone froze a while ago and to restart it I had to remove the battery. Now I am just getting a bright Purple screen 2 seconds after the battery goes in? I cant use power + Vol! I was on ROM http://www.modaco.com/topic/364680-rom-huawei-ascend-g510-100-b194-v20-final-1792013/ any ideas on what I can do? Thanks
  6. I installed Power Toggles from the PlayStore, problem solved, or am I missing out on something?
  7. qwerty?

    Mic Issue

    I went with http://www.modaco.com/topic/364680-rom-huawei-ascend-g510-100-b194-v20-final-1792013/
  8. qwerty?

    Mic Issue

    The problem came back - finally unlocked bootloader, rooted the phone and put on a New Rom - problem solved :)
  9. Finally got around to installing this ROM, but I have no Notification bar. I see other saying appears after a minute, others saying disappears at times, mine is missing all the time? any solution please... otherwise this Rom is perfect.
  10. qwerty?

    Mic Issue

    No dropped calls since, so that seems to have been the issue. Thanks for the advice. However all cases I'm looking at on the Net don't have a cutout for that mic. Anyone found a decent case that they recommend?
  11. qwerty?

    Mic Issue

    I'll have you know it was way more sophisticated than that - I used a Dremel :D
  12. qwerty?

    Mic Issue

    That menu isn't there on mine. I have discovered that the case i have actually completely covers the mic, it doesn't have a hole for it at all :( I'll mod the case and see if it fixes the issue. Thanks for all the help.
  13. qwerty?

    Mic Issue

    Thanks, I'll check for that, but I doubt that's the issue, as I don't hold the phone that way. Hope its as simple as that though. It would be great.
  14. Got the G510 a few weeks ago, but I'm having an issue with the person on the other end not been able to hear me, this normally occurs after about a minute into the call. I'm able to hear them, but they can't hear me, so I assume it the mic. Anyone else experience this?
  15. Thanks, went ahead and ordered it. I need something with a better GPS than my existing Ace for Geocaching.

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