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  1. Data is not working for me in R4. But it was working fine in all the earlier releases. Anyone can confirm.? Edit: After toggling airplane mode,data is working fine. Very nice build compared to earlier releases. People should try this.
  2. No need to type "set".. I just delete the hash symbol alone
  3. Thanks joestone. Updated OP.
  4. Yes. Keep the default governor to avoid that. Also turn off screen off animation from display settings.
  5. Nothing to do , simply flash the zip file from recovery
  6. Lagfree governor is having that issue, change to smartassv2. Also disable screen off animation from display settings.
  7. It's a P2P connection, where two devices can connect without access point.
  8. It should unlock all networks. About TVcatchup, I don't know. Anyone using TVcatchup can comment.
  9. It's okay mate. Everything is good. Battery is wonderful.
  10. CM10.1 is same, built by different people. As far now, i found out that same camera problem is there as in daz build (Green colored thing)
  11. This is unofficial port of Cm10.1 by joestone for our G300. Am just sharing his work. Screenshots: There are many cm10.1 roms out there. :P Downloads: CM10.1-R4-29/07/13 CM10.1-R4-Without Swap-29/07/2013 Partition recovery Note: Builds from R2 will have internal SD as primary. If u want to set external SD as primary, navigate to /system and edit build.prop using any root file manager and remove hash in this line #vold.externalsd.isprimary=true and save & reboot. Changelog: R4: WARNING ! Installing this rom will erase all data stored on internal sd or on data partition ! It runs on swapped internal sd and data . It will install twrp recovery with swapped data and internal sd . Added multiuser support. Added Pie-controls. Changed ril , hope it will finaly work with every sim . To restore the stock filesystem use partition_recovery.zip.You will need it if you install other rom R3: -Added volume rocker wake -Refreshed cm sources -Changed HuaweiRil (hope it will fix connection problems with some sim cards) R2 -Fixed lock screen restart. -Fixed in-call volume , now not possible to set it 0. -Fixed video recording. -Fixed Bluetooth mac address. -Easy swap internal and external storage as primary by setting vold.externalsd.isprimary=true in build.prop. -Removed wifi direct. R1 -First release Bugs: -WiFi direct not working. -Green screen when taking picture in portrait mode , in landscape mode it is working fine.
  12. Telonius, I think it will be good to have an updated aokp build now :-)
  13. People who faced signal loss in cm10.1, how about pac? Same problem still there?
  14. Double tap and drag it in to X mark at the top of the home screen

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