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  1. Can anyone confirm whether this is still working? Thanks
  2. Raihan42

    help,after a year use osd turn off with no reason

    Did the factory reset do anything?
  3. What about a compatible battery required for this tutorial?
  4. Any idea where I could get a new suitable battery?
  5. Bumb. My osd battery is almost dead so If I found a new battery (same battery as a normal osd) to replace my old one would this technique work?
  6. Raihan42

    Battery Issue

  7. Raihan42

    Battery Issue

    My osd shuts down and won't turn on when the battery reaches 30% should I be worried?
  8. Raihan42

    Jellybean progess

    Haha yes, but how?
  9. Raihan42

    Jellybean progess

    If you say so but what do you need to be confirmed/checked out ?
  10. Raihan42

    Jellybean progess

    Didn't they say that months ago?
  11. Raihan42

    Small issue with sound.

    I have that sound bug too, if I can remember I think it started after the last ota update so I doubt it's an app but I'm not entirely sure
  12. So what does this toolkit do exactly?
  13. Raihan42

    Is it possible to root x900 after 58mb update?

    No I mean can I still root it after the latest update

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