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  1. What about a compatible battery required for this tutorial?
  2. Bumb. My osd battery is almost dead so If I found a new battery (same battery as a normal osd) to replace my old one would this technique work?
  3. My osd shuts down and won't turn on when the battery reaches 30% should I be worried?
  4. If you say so but what do you need to be confirmed/checked out ?
  5. I have that sound bug too, if I can remember I think it started after the last ota update so I doubt it's an app but I'm not entirely sure
  6. No I mean can I still root it after the latest update
  7. You can try eBay or Gumtree but here's one for £7.50 http://www.modaco.com/topic/360018-what-happens-if-the-battery-dies-after-a-year/ (thanks to BlueMoonRising)
  8. I've heard lots about CM but what does it actually do?
  9. I've tried so many times now, I can't seem to get where it goes I've tried between the arm and switch, side ways and flat but nothing works. If it doesn't cause you any trouble I'd be great full if you could include some pictures of how it's done. Btw I think something might be broken because the right part of the button is more sunk in than the left.
  10. I've opened it up and placed a piece of card under the power button, the button goes back up but when I press it nothing happens. Have I done something wrong? Or is it supposed to go under the arm?
  11. Power button just got stuck today :( anyone know if I can fix it myself?
  12. So i turn on my data connection and everything works normally but then about 30 minutes later i can't seem to watch youtube videos, download from google play and basically can only check my emails. i've tried to turn my data off and on again and that seems to work but i have to reconnect every 30 minutes which is especially annoying when im playing online games. Does anyone know what's wrong and how i can fix this? I know it is not a problem with my sim card as i've tried another one and i get same problem (I normally use t-mobile) I've read the other topics (the one about network problems with xolo) and they do not seem to help either It also cannot be signal loss as it is always 4 bars and data roaming is turned on
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