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  1. Just want a few opinions if I could please. I've always like the Samsung s3 but never had one. Would I be totally crazy to take one out on a 2 year contract now, it's already an 'old' but very good phone, what will it be like in 2 years time, would I regret it ? I suppose I like it cosmetically and it's so easy to get cases and covers for. I'd love an s4 or even better a note 2 or 3 but want to stay as low budget as possible but still have a considerable upgrade from what I have now. I get bored with phones easily so this one would have to be a keeper. Right now I have a Huawei g510, less than a year old. I got it outright and use a 3 monthly sim in it, phone was £150 and sim under £7 a month. I don't play games really or watch lots of video. I quite like using my phone to take photos though. I also like a big screen, have 4.5" now, wouldn't want less, happy to go bigger! Would an s3 be a noticeable upgrade for me, and an affordable one. I don't think I'd want 4g or anything. I use mainly wifi and not a heavy data user. Would a s3 still be decent-ish in a couple of years time? They seem to have held thir price well and are popular. Please reply, be honest. Would you take an S3 now?!!!
  2. Doh, thanks so much. It works, I feel a bit of a twit! Is there a manual or anything that would explain things like this, the one I got with it was next to useless, I fact I didn't even look at it to find the answer to this as I doubted it would be there. I have tried the Huawei site, it has support but no manual listed for this phone just a link saying it was available to buy now from Vodafone, useless!
  3. Hi, first post on here so please be nice! I was looking at a review on YouTube and it clearly shows the 3 capacitive buttons, home back etc below the screen illuminated. Mine never have, I didn't miss it until I saw and realised how useful it would be. Have I accidentally ticked or not ticked a box or something, please help! I previously owned the g300, I'm a Girl and not very brave so have not dared to mod, boot or whatever with either phone. I just wanted a cheap upgrade on payg so went for the huawei g510, I get bored with phones easily and although I'd love a samsung and did consider the nexus I think I'd just have this for a year and look again rather than be stuck with an expensive phone. I did get vodaphone to unlock this 510 for me and have a 3 SIM card in it no problem. I am thinking about changing the launcher after what I read on here so if I am feeling brave will do that! Have changed the wallpaper, added a couple of widgets and got my kids to customise the ring and text tones but that's just about it, oh and turned off any annoying beeps. After great advice I read on here in the hints and tips I have changed the lock screen too, much better. I only really use the phone for Internet and twitter, as well as calls and texts of course, not really a gamer but I might try angry birds or something to see how that runs! This forum is great, I like seeing what you have done with your phones so more pics please, themes, apps anything. Oh and I also ordered a couple of cases from Spain after reading about them on here. Thanks again for reading, if anyone can offer help with the light up buttons I thank you in advance
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