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  1. scotous

    Hard Hard Brick!

    After a series of bad decisions and mistakes I have tried to push to my ZTE Blade iii download mode a V889d firmware. As I understand now this was very stupid and I have bricked it. I find now that the phone is identified as a qualcomm 9008 download mode phone. I am using the ZTe blade image flasher but i need to find the correct firmware. Anyone know if there is a tool or a backup of a blade iii firmware to flash? Phone doesn't start on red led or anything, just is identified through the pc
  2. scotous

    Red led and phone doesn't start.

    Had some searching around and I found out that my phone is in Qualcomm 9008 download mode. I try to find a tool or flasher for blade iii to push the correct firmware back. I found out that my mistake was to push the V889d firmware to the Blade iii phone. Anyone know anything?
  3. scotous

    Red led and phone doesn't start.

    Just experienced the same issue and tried to do the DFU tool in a ZTE blade 3. I have followed the guidelines and did the chinese thing but now the phone wont even flash in led light nor enter zte handset diagnostic mode. ??? Full explanation... i tried to put the cwm tool but accidentaly put it in a wrong partition (?) 13 instead of 17 in terminal emulator after that the phone only flashed red and entered zte diagnostics mode dfu i tried to do the dfu tool of the v889d found in this thread and did it but now the phone wont even boot at all. i can hear a dingle when plugging it in the pc but it is comming up as unknown device. have i totally bricked it?
  4. Dear Epyloxias, I did not have an issue with my wifi as this works perfect so far. My problem is with crashing system when i accept or do any call through SIP / softphone apps or Viber. Is the method one suggested a multifix for both issues? Regards
  5. can't find somethong so far...was it in a general thread or was it in a specific topic just for the sip?
  6. Hi, I have been using Konsta CM for blade iii on my Zte acqua (greek wind version). Prior to the Cpu Frequency fix it was working great. Since the release of the cpu frequency fix, although i dont get any sort of restarts it can no more do SIP calls nor Viber Calls as well. Is it only me? I have tried all the new konsta versions but with no luck.
  7. Hi, following the great work of Konsta (thanx again!) i tried the new roms on my Acqua (greek wind version) and i have an issue with the SIP calling. no matter which software I try (built in Internet calls, CSIP simple , sip droider etc) as soon as a call is being established the phone crashes, freezes and restarts. is it something that happens only to me or anyone else has it as well? Older roms of konsta didn't have this issue so far tried the new 4.1.2 and 4.2.2 roms
  8. Just tried it on ZTE Blade Acqua and only found one issue: when I try to call or answer a call with ANY Sip/ voip app the cell crashes and restarts. Is this only on the Acqua or in Blade III as well?
  9. Had the same problem with the konsta version on ZTE Acqua Wind Version Greek and i tried the rom u suggested above and it works great so far.!
  10. Dear epyloxias, I will try it myself today and will let ppl know if everything is fine! Thx!
  11. Guys I am following your steps but I have 2 issues on my ZTE Acqua Wind Greek Version. My wifi sleeps constantly when on standby although i have selected Never to sleep. Also the brightness level is very bad as well. Do you also have the same issues with blade iii konsta version 4.1.2 on ZTE Acqua Greek WInd version?
  12. Hi again, I dont know whether I should open a new topic but I have minor issues in my Greek Wind Zte Acqua with Konsta 4.1.2 Rom. The brightness levels do not work and remain very dark (if i set the autobacklight sensor levels to anything else the brightness level works great but if the device locks it doesnt come bright again. I have to load default for them work) And The speaker does not work in the normal mobile version.They work in Skype and Viber however. The wifi sleep does not work aslo as well. It sleeps after 15 minutes no matter what settings i give
  13. Just flashed the Konsta 4.1.2 version of blade iii in my ZTE Acqua Greek Wind Version and everything works great! Cheers!

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