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  1. Nothing worth of flashing for me as their is no kernel development atm. There are roms (CMs unofficial & Bliss official) including CM 12.1. Waiting for loli that they finally polish new memory allocator & fix leaking. Interesting news is that Art (compiler) is getting optimized for 6.x & will bring about 25% performance gain (wile costing 10% more time to compile).
  2. @ SH3H1 Nice to hear that. S3 Neo didn't got any kernel yet even the SoC is the same. There are ROM's but I an not much interested in them. Best regards.
  3. Compared to Moto G (2014) S3 Neo have some advantages; 1.5GB RAM, 16GB two tires faster NAND (Moto G max also have 16GB), Super Amoled HD display. Software have good & bad sides compared to vanilla, I mentioned some good additions, on performance side single core speed is up (shows in browser tests) but GPU performance & multicore is little down (even it's clicked 200MHz more). O yes one more thing S3 Neo don't have 4G LTE, it have NFC but I don't find any of those crucial especially where I live. Best regards everyone!
  4. That's actually why I asked where Moddingg is.
  5. I know & I am interested in unified (3.10) kernel project. It's easy to root S3 Neo also thanks to chainfire & with ODIN; http://autoroot.chainfire.eu/ I am actually presently surprised how stock (4.4.2) works especially as it's Samsung as UI, home button & contact's are not lagging at all. It didn't cost much (170€ in land regularly shopped) & they didn't put to much bullshits on it. Good thing about stock are mostly: good camera & Adopt Sound, only thing not working as intended from time to time is illumination sensor (tied to all Samsung midels). All in all I am satisfied & that whose not easy to accomplish from long time Samsungs hater like I am.
  6. How's going guys? How are the development going for Moto G? For my S3 Neo their is nothing significant wort of playing around. Their is CM(11,12) & some relatively interesting ROM's based upon it (including some official ones) but no reply interesting kernel work at least interesting for me. Where are you anyway? S3 neo stuff is at Xda. Wanted to get to Moodingg & ask him how is he doing. Looks we are again stuck to old 3.4 kernel all do their is some on going effort about unified MSM 3.9 for Sony... Anyway best regards!
  7. Wouldn't call Adreno's actually better than last MALI's as Adreno have a big problems with any kind of textures surface transform. A330 is certainly much faster than T760 MP2.
  8. Guys don't be a dumb assess read a good review before buying anything especially if it's from China. There are & quality Chinese manufacturer's with trusted spec like Jaiyu for instance.
  9. They did & to celebrate it direct price is cut down to 120$. So be sure to pass it to your brother.
  10. Wanted more to say hello then a good bay as I left long ago. ☺ Ended up on Galaxy S3 neo even old Hui is still alive. Best regards to all.
  11. Well it's disappearing SD card actually. Try to format it & try again if it persists then is related to SD mounting on those ROM's.
  12. You know after all their will be some compatibility problems with Intel CPUs on Android. Not apps mostly but game's frequently. :)
  13. Actually S800 is still a kicker especially A330 compared even to new S615/MT6752 its still faster CPU vise & GPU is around 3x faster. If you can find nice phones with it & SD card support for lo price of 250-280€ then they represent best buy. There are phones with it that whose not popular like Xperia Z Ultra that I found for 243€ for cash payment & I don't think it can go brother than that. Or you actually can. This one is for those who like that their phone can fit in they pocket & its very very nice for 249€. http://allviewmobile.com/x1-xtreme-mini.html Their is also a big brother for 299€. This one promises longevity with 3GB RAM, 32GB storage and it's also selfy with 8MP front cam. But guys don't expect much from Allview when it comes to software updates & costume ROM's. At least you would be buying an genuine EU made product.
  14. If you are installing a different android version you must do a full wipe including data (applications). http://www.modaco.com/topic/362034-unlock-your-bootloader/page-10 It wouldn't kill you to look a little for it... :)
  15. Because we all hate Intel and imagination closed source GPU's. They probably should gift some to kernel dev to get them rolling. I mentioned about S1 source... ;) I am concerned more about cellular radios battery consumption than atom's or GPU as it looks that zen 1 & 2 are using Intel in house ones based on really old 40nm planar lithography.
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