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  1. Hi, I have deleted the "efs" folder in the system root, but now, my phone no longer reads my sim card and it have a unknown imei ! Can i repare this ? (Orange san diego, rom xolo with the "stock pack")
  2. Please, use "OTA Snatcher" from google play store and give me a link to download this update (mobile update crash...)
  3. My experiences and my questions : I try to install xposed, but it fail (mmcblkOp invalid argument). I've mentioned xtheme for test if xposed work, but it doesn't work. Why ? Can I do anythings for make it work ? I speak very bad english... Sorry
  4. I still have this error... google translate : I think the error has nothing to do with the mounting system in r / w process
  5. Hi ! I've rebooted many times, but it don't work, and, xtheme ask me to reinstall xposed or reboot...
  6. Please, help me, I cannot mount the systeme file, I've tried root explorer, many other apps and I've tried with a script, but it dont work ! I always have a error with the mmblkOp file (And sorry for my bad english...)
  7. Anyone got the stock boot animation? someone forgot to make a backup... And the mediafire link is dead...
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