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  1. Djcrabik

    Help, Brick!!!!!

    guys! so someone has solved this problem in another way !? I had a problem recently appeared
  2. hello! root has not yet been hacked? probably would have bothered advertising
  3. Djcrabik

    return on FTM mode

  4. Djcrabik

    Windows phone ROM

    Русских здесь единицы...
  5. Djcrabik


    endless reboots after installing any mods! I do everything according to the instructions...
  6. Hello everyone! Do not put any one mod ... 10.1 Put only 4.0.4 motherboard atlas40 1 GHz processor 512 MB of RAM (but the program shows only about 400) one slot for simkarty
  7. Recharge the battery and turn in here, everything is written in detail http://zteblade3.com Sorry do not speak English
  8. CWM recovery do not put as could want..
  9. You need to charge the battery, and put this firmware P772N10_VIP only native CWM recovery
  10. Reboot may be due to the fact that the flash drive is no SD-ext partition?
  11. You can install ROM via CWM
  12. freezes at startup (doing all wipes) He pulled out the stickHangs on updating Restart (take out the battery ...) Hangs on the update again (1 GHz processor 1 core ZTE Blade 3, 1 SIM Card) Restart (take out the battery ...) Application Optimization (update) runs to the endreboot Hangs on the splash screen switching Cyanogen Mod Restart (take out the battery ...) Hangs on the choice of language and so normally do not put that to do? Was originally unlocked from the operator .. CWM recovery ( not as it should be put) Sorry for Bad English!!!

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