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  1. agreed, think I'll be going back to the 10.1 since this has some problems, unsurprisingly, but just to clear up some details without looking too hard I have "nightlies" for 10.1 on 0905 and 0906 -- hardly a week apart -- but thanks for the updafe on their frequency, from now on for the person with 'greenified" camera -- have you tried looking at the actual photos yet? they're NOT green btw you DON'T want to know what an impolite expression of frustration is like but, as you say, let's use something else until this has its problems sorted out
  2. How could I be "less rude" -- it's a valid, polite expression of frustration -- I didn't "spell it out" -- I commented on "your" ROM, but if you're just passing off others' work, I guess that's the way it goes -- it's one thing to "know" what apps we want and to be able to actually remove them each time we download a nightly -- but, again, that's the way it goes I guess Hope it does settle down but for the newbies I think some more info could have been provided about things to expect, as I've tried to do (if ever! people read the posts) but thanks for your quick response, sorry for any needless "response cost" -- overall, the fact that it's been provided is much appreciated, truly, thank you -- -- speaking of "nightlies" we seem to have two nightlies for 0906 -- for different versions, I note 10.1 and 10.2 -- on the same "whatever" -- something for people to be aware of
  3. gapps link works just fine, though I'm not 100% of Google apps themselves (but presume they're OK) post again, after trying again, and I can send you a private once-only link if needed
  4. I don't know the hardware for the model you're referring to, check the details, but the answer is "probably not"
  5. Sorry, I didn't have these problems, so it seems to be an installation problem on your phone, not with the ROM per se
  6. Currently I'm referring to this EARLY build as "that stupid p^o^s*" can't get online Play to recognise my phone, despite being able to download, and pay for, new apps; sign in to Gmail etc etc -- maybe this was a HUGE mistake adding it to an OTA - yeah, it seems slower, maybe build in even more features till we cripple the OS on this phone? and Google+ seems a mandatory piece of c^^^ware I can well do without
  7. I can understand this question from a newbie, but wouldn't tolerate it from someone with any degree of experience with custom ROMs? Why get so terse, you say? Because these are questions very dependent on personal experience -- only YOU can know YOUR usage pattern as it affects so-called "free RAM" -- what about the apps that YOU install?? how about YOUR pattern of usage of wifi, gps, graphics apps, etc etc that influence battery usage and "better" read my previous comment -- "Is Coke better, or Pepsi?" for some it'll be a lot better getting used to the changes in Google Apps is the biggest problem for me, so far -- and that's nothing to do with THIS ROM it's Google's "problem" -- like how to "replace" Navigation -- but there's a lot on the web about this already, and I won't go into those "problems" here
  8. yep, rebooting caused Play to automatically recognise needed updates, which were installed as usual -- worth a try at least so far as which is better, "which is better, Coke or Pepsi?" same question -- depends on what YOU like you can easily check out the new features of the official Android site
  9. yes, to both questions, though not sure if you absolutely have to update Google Apps, though it's probably a good idea -- as I said, read the description of the changes, just so you'll have some idea what to expect -- I had problems with running Play after installing the OTA to 10.2 -- updated version in the new Google Apps -- this version of Google Apps not compatible with 4.2
  10. Thanks, that's by Dazzazo, too, so I guess it's time to change subscriptions to lists -- people, by the way, are advised to check the downloads given for the new ROM -- includes an update to the Recovery to ensure compatibility ALSO note that Google Apps has been updated -- the new version isn't compatible with Android 4.2 -- read the description of changes as well as just downloading the file -- I had problems using Play on the new 4.3 ROM
  11. What's happening with this ROM -- the latest nightly (0906) refers, repeatedly, to CM10.2 -- repeated mistakes, or have we somehow gone to the next version, without any "formal" announcement?
  12. If you had ANY problems with it, where would you take them?? You'd be entitled to NO assistance or guidance from anyone subscribing to this list -- this list is about a particular ROM, NOT the one you're talking about. AND you do realise it's very rude to ask Daz anything about this other ROM on this list -- he's a volunteer developer, using his own time, and not subject, and should not be subject, to any sort of pressure about how he spends his time, including "the ROMs that will be ready"
  13. you could try un-installing, then re-installing the apps you're having problems with while I very rarely have problems with the ROM itself, I sometimes have problems with apps -- installed, tried, and un-installed a heap of apps recently, and had problems with, in particular SwiftKey -- don't know why, but I guess it had to do with the recent work I had done on the phone -- unless someone knows about problems with SwiftKey itself? I "fixed" the problem by this method
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