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  1. I have Ascend Mate with B116 firmware and i still have big problem with RAM. I usually have more than 1 GB free. Phone is suspending apps after several minutes of inactivity, so web browser or Tapatalk client need to resume all the time and download data again when I maximise them. I am usually on GPRS/EDGE, so it takes sometimes more than 10 seconds for Firefox or stock browser to reload the weg page - it is anoying. I have tried V6 Supercharger script and Juwes RAM Manager Pro for setting thresholds of killing apps, but no vissible change. Any idea how to fix it? I was using rooted LG Nitro HD for several months and on this phone I could "open" Opera browser after 10 hours of inactivity and last page wast there. Immediately, without resuming/reloding.

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