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  1. Hi! I have LG p760 with rooted ADB. mINE CONF: jb 4.1.2 JR0RL, P76020B FIRMWARE Here is mine log of second step (I removed checking of existance because of lack of space): c:\IMEI-Hack-Tool-v10>2-imei-hack-windows.bat 891 KB/s (10485760 bytes in 11.481s) 771 KB/s (12582912 bytes in 15.927s) /dev/block/mmcblk0p5: write error: No space left on device 10241+0 records in 10240+0 records out 5242880 bytes transferred in 0.886 secs (5917471 bytes/sec) IMEI hack finished. Press ENTER to close this window... And nothing happend because of error (maybe you should put checking in each comamnd and check retval?). Seems that command: files\adb-windows.exe shell su -c "dd if=/data/local/tmp/IMEI-HACK.img of=/dev/block/mmcblk0p5" has no space!!? Here is another log (size of free space) onmine phone: c:\IMEI-Hack-Tool-v10>files\adb-windows.exe shell df /data/local/tmp Filesystem Size Used Free Blksize /data/local/tmp 2.33G 158.30M 2.18G 4096 c:\IMEI-Hack-Tool-v10> as you see 2.1 gb saqce free and not enough? What to do to make it work? So I change youor command as: c:\IMEI-Hack-Tool-v10>files\adb-windows.exe shell su -c "dd if=/data/local/tmp/IMEI-HACK.img of=/dev/block/mmcblk0p5 bs=4096" /dev/block/mmcblk0p5: write error: No space left on device 1281+0 records in 1280+0 records out 5242880 bytes transferred in 0.090 secs (58254222 bytes/sec) And no help! But .... one more question .... You said in readme.txt: 4) Install an UPDATE.APP: copy the "dload" folder to your sdcard, power off your phone and then power it on while pressing both volume buttons. where are that dir and files? Please advise me... RG Funky
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