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  1. the Lorenzo "smooth as butter, t-boned by Marquez" special edition! works great...responsiveness is back and apps load fairly quick im using Mounts2SD and Apps2SD to move apps, dalvik cache and standard cache to a 1Gb Ext4 partition on SDcard..(moving data slows it down too much) currently using 20mb of internal space! and also using a swap of 256mb with the low swappiness setting..altho i may try it without the swap to see how it goes..i only have a class 4 sdcard so its probably going to slow things down
  2. ive just signed up here to thank PlaguedByPenguins for his efforts.. Cheers for the work! looking forward to seeing some optimisations in the next version! on a side note.. i installed the latest clockworkmod recovery you posted above..and noticed its upside down.. (vol/power buttons on bottom to view correctly)..otherwise it works as advertised! thanks again PBP!

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