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    Acer Liquid mini E310
  1. le Binh

    help rom Acer E310

    so thank you, I think to have CM7 or CM9 for my phone is a bit difficult because it has been forgotten developers. Anyway, thank you. I will look further and hope ... :)
  2. le Binh

    help rom Acer E310

    Yes. I'm doing that, but apparently not. thank you :wacko:
  3. le Binh

    help rom Acer E310

    :( :( :(
  4. le Binh

    help rom Acer E310

    Hi everyone I'm from Vietnam. I'm using the phone rom Acer liquid mini E310 Acer Liquid mini E310 and got bored of it, I have long wanted to find a CM7 or CM9 rom for it but do not see, I happened to be with MoDaCo a good site for acer, I was very happy and had to find, download rom, but many will not be installed, because it is only for A1 or other phones :(. So can anyone help me find the CM7 or CM9 rom for my phone is not. thank you very much Sorry for my spelling, I used google translate .

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