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  1. When will be the tethering awailable in a working format? :)
  2. I cant flash back the old roms. There is no boot loader. No huawei logo et boot.
  3. Not until the phone breaked... Now I cannot turn it on to check it.
  4. Dont know the memory type. Can i check it somehow?
  5. Hi! So I installed the latest nightly to my g300, first I updated cyanogenmod, then replace the cm-10 rom with new cm-11. I changed to ART new Android runtime in the settings, rebooted. All things is working but the phone was not to stable, so I decided to put back the cm-10 rom. So I turned off the phone. Since that power off I cant turn it on, neither to get into cw, no huawei logo at boot. I tried to get out battery and wait, next: remove sim and sd card but nothing, just blank screen. When I plug the usb then in windows 7 there is an unknown device in the device manager in other devices category. Any idea how can I make it work again? thanks HyGy
  6. Now it is working. Followed the huaweig300.com I changed the usb port, where I plugged to other type. Thanks.
  7. Downloaded an official rom already, and recovered the phone. It is a 4.0.3 rom. But I cant root it with your way. :( c:\CWM>fastboot-windows.exe flash recovery recovery.img < waiting for device > sending 'recovery' (6218 KB)... OKAY writing 'recovery'... FAILED (remote: Command not allowed) Any other idea? :)
  8. I'm trying too root my g300 following http://huaweig300.com/ this documentation.I started root-g300.exe rebooted the phone. The super user app appeard. I backed up the imei. Checked my baseband it is 2030. Downloaded the rootg300 again, started. Rebooted the phone. Started BootloaderG300.exe. I got this: sending 'recovery' (5074 KB)... OKAY writing 'recovery'... FAILED (remote: Command not allowed) rebooted again, but now it is freezing at the first Huawei Ascend logo. adb devices shows no device fastboot-windows.exe -> shows -> a14a51c5 fastboot if I start: install-superrecovery-windows.bat c:\Users\gh12124\Downloads\huawei\r1-g300-superrecovery>fastboot-windows.exe flash recovery recovery.superrecovery.img sending 'recovery' (5074 KB)... OKAY writing 'recovery'... FAILED (remote: Command not allowed) Please help, how can I recover my device? ----- Edited: ---- Now it is working again, I put into the dload folder the telenor rom. Pressed the volume buttons and the power button. Now I can boot it. thanks.

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