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  1. It's the only microphone hole on my phone! There is no microphone hole where you mouth goes as on the X900. When you make calls people have a hard time hearing what you say.
  2. It's a common problem when you ring tech support and say it's cracked on it's own. They don't want to believe you and blame you for dropping it. I had to speak to 3 different people, it took me 32 minutes on the phone to convince them they had a problem with their plastics.
  3. I got the phone back from repair today, but I see Orange no longer list this phone for sale.
  4. The Orange San Diego is no longer listed for sale on the Orange PAYG web site. (31/05/2013)
  5. I noticed Orange have dropped the San Diego from their PAYG web page. I've just had mine replaced for the craking problem, only time will tell if the cracks come back, don't look promising if they pulled it. Also noticed it had no microphone hole where your mouth goes, so people find it hard to hear you! In the mean time I bought the Orange Sony XP for £250 (they've now raised the price to £300) It's really nice, 2x as fast as the San Diego, metal bezel, easy push buttons, Android Jelly Bean, True 720p, Grand Theft Auto is downloadable from the App store, working Micro SD slot, it's got funky lights, and best suprise of all I can plug a PS3 controller into it! :D
  6. Me too, you should change the title of this thread to "You can get a replacement for OSD cracks and buttons" ;)
  7. 5" is more a tablet than a phone, you're gonna need big pockets and big hands. The Quad Core only seems to benchmark the same 3994 as the Orange San Diego! If you get stung for import duty it will be more like £180-200.
  8. Just noticed Orange now have another budget monster 2Ghz Intel Atom Motorola RAZR i for £150.
  9. I guess it's because the Motorola RAZR i price dropped to £150 and they've got a lot of bad OSD to shift. ;D
  10. The return for repair bag arrived so mine is in the post now. I'll let people know if they do indeed repair it! Just time for one last video to show you that 5th crack propagated all the way across the bezel.
  11. I've ordered an Orange Sony Xperia SP Has a metal bezel so hopefully it wont crack up within a month! 2x the Quadrant Benchmark Score of the Orange San Diego (OSD) A little over twice the price though £250. For someone on a tighter gaming phone budget, check out the ZTE Grand X V970 Ice Cream Sandwich 1Ghz Arm Dual Core and Nvidia Tegra 2 - £120ish new on ebay. There is an Intel Version too called Grand X In (I think I'd go with the Arm version though for better game compatibility) I had a ZTE Blade for 2 years the build quality was sound. There's also the Jaiyu G2 (£99) and Jaiyu G3 (£156) to consider. I have no idea on build quality from this manufacturer. But the specs and benchmarks look good.
  12. Well I got my return for repair bag and the phone is in the post. I'll let you know if they repair it or not. One last video to show people that 5th crack propagated all the way across the bezel.
  13. Bagged up and returned my Orange San Diego for repair yesterday. Made a final video of that 5th crack. It made it all the way across the plastic since the last one.
  14. I have had some problems on a few free apps but find if I close the ad quickly I can get the app running (Raging Thunder etc). If ads bother you buy the paid for app instead. There are some apps that don't run on the Intel chip platform and force close (Candy Crush etc.) but that's the fault of lazy programmers not re-compiling for Intel Atom/PowerVR. If that bothers you pay a bit more for an Arm/Nvidia Tegra phone or give 1 star feedback until they support your chipset! ;D
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