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  1. I dont think its working. Im going to to send it to a mobile repair shop and see if that can fix .. I hope :(
  2. I mean i nothing happens when i try to turn it on. The battery status was 60-70 percent if i recall.
  3. OK I tried doing this, What i did was download the firmware and i put it on my internal sd card. After i put the sd card into the phone and tried to turn it on. but nothing really happened. Im i doing it wrong? Thanks for helping :D
  4. But i really want to know why the 3 buttons on the bottom start to flash. I think this means something >.<
  5. I was using the official GB on my phone and no i never tried to upgrade to ICS i just went straight to unlocking :( im guessing this was a stupid of me. I have 3 usb cables because my mum and sister have the same phone but they dont root and stuff.
  6. Hello all and thanks for viewing my post. 3-4 weeks ago i attempted to change my gingerbread huawei g300 to a custom ics. It told me to root it (i did) Then it told me to do the bootloader which worked but then it told me to wait till the phone restarts which never did. I couldn't put my huawei into recovery. ( Vol Up+ Power) Cant turn it on or anything. But when i try to charge it or connect the phone to the computer. I noticed that the bottom 3 buttons started to flash (white) a couple of times. But thats it, didnt turn on after that and i even leave the charger for 1 hour - 30 mins. Nothing. The device wouldnt even appear on my computer. If any of you guys would answer or leave comments, Thanks very much in advance.
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