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    Huawei U8815 Ascend G300
  1. LINK HUAWEI G300 firmware(U8815-1,Android 4.0,V100R001C02B961,Vodafone) Description The following versions can be upgraded: modle vendor country version U8815 Vodafone Germany U8815V100R001C02B960 U8815 Vodafone Czech Republic U8815V100R001C02B952 U8815 Vodafone Hungary U8815V100R001C02B936 U8815 Vodafone England-Pre-paid U8815V100R001C02B960 U8815 Vodafone England-Postpaid U8815V100R001C02B960 U8815 Vodafone Italy U8815V100R001C02B960 U8815 Vodafone Portugal U8815V100R001C02B960 U8815 Vodafone Romania U8815V100R001C02B952 U8815 Vodafone Ireland U8815V100R001C02B960 Supported Languages: ? Date: 11 December 2013 Version: V 100R001C02B961 File Size: 398.41 MB
  2. I've installed it on stock b895 slim v1 successfully, but I do not feel the changes =)
  3. Will these tweaks are compatible to my GB895?
  4. Dear Daz, and when we can check it safe? (google translate)
  5. Hello, all is well in the ROM, but the camera panorama mode, buggy and there are artifacts. Sorry for my English.
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