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  1. Nice work! Just do one thing... People without the app installed will not be able to install it blindly...coz that is near impossible so modify ricky's tool to push and install the app that is if people manage to unlock screen blindly
  2. It depends on you unlocking your screen blindly...coz you don't have root so vnc would require you to connect via pc unlock your phone then establish connection...if you can do that, it will work...else use the hdmi
  3. I don't know adb...but as I am a coder, I can tell what a line or two does....and believe me when I say that these lines do nothing but open droidboot also known as fast boot and flash update.zip and nothing else....this used to work fine but not now as the display won't work after 12mb update....so this won't work...even if we make slight changes to the code...but thanks for your help bluemoonrising....your the most committed to helping others type of guy I've come across here..really appreciate your help...find something else that doesn't involve update.zip flashing Cheers!
  4. Not possible to downgrade at the moment....can anyone confirm whether factory restore removes the 12mb part of the 37mb update or not?....it removed chrome i think so it could remove that as well.....but nobody knows...and I can't try...have important app data...other than that you can try my root method for root access...I really don't understand why you people want to downgrade ...I like the 12mb update..it increased app compatibility like hell a lot !
  5. Nobody ever tried that...try it..maybe it will work...maybe it won't...anyhow you have to live with the 37 mb upgrade so try the sd card hack....maybe the update won't remove it
  6. This happens at what step?...when ur flashing update.zip or the 37mb update? If it's for update.zip then make sure ur using xolo 's rom not the orange one or clear the cache and try again And if it happens while upgrading with the 37 mb one and ur screen is dead then connect with hdmi, flash update.zip again and then upgrade again with 37 mb
  7. Even if it works...all this code does is automate droid boot recovery and ultimately flashing update.zip....so you'll end up with a bricked color changing phone anyhow....have to find some alternative method to downgrade....this won't do...and the code is correct now as it has pushed both files successfully so file names are correct..but the commands are invalid...maybe they have been locked /changed by the 12mb update...see the snapshot I attached!
  8. Guide for those who have updated with the 12mb update and wanna provide root access to certain applications:- **********I don't take any responsibility for you hard bricking your phone************************ What do you need? x900/osd, hdmi cable,hdtv, ricky's aio tool and some patience. Step 1- install all those applications to whom you wanna give root access Step 2- flash xolo update.zip ie brick your phone intentionally....make sure your hdmi connection works or you wont be able to fix your phone. Step 3-connect your phone and tv like i have done in the above posts Step 4-Connect your phone to your laptop also...end task any adb process and run sandiego.bat Step 5-Root the phone like this-> after reboot,your phone is rooted.. Step 6-Grant root access to all the apps you want...do this now coz you wont be able to do this after you fix the screen. like-> Step 7-Install the 37mb update via ota to get your screen back and remove root...but wait a second the apps that you granted superuser access can still access superuser.....yippie! Repeat if you want to add new apps as superuser..... ***Please note***-don not touch the superuser app after this process or you'll mess it up and have to do it again....and don't delete any superuser or you wont be able to add it again till you repeat the process You can also change logo's remove branding and then update via ota....hope it works for you :-) Cheers!
  9. you will notice that the xolo logo is only visible on phone not tv...after 1-2 seconds, this will happen -> And then magically the intel logo will appear on the television screen...hurray! -> Then after booting finishes,you will see your home screen/lock screen -> If your phone is pattern locked or pin locked or slide locked, don't worry as i said earlier, landscape is portrait and vice verse like this -> see that? look at the phone and the television....when the phone is in portrait, the tv is landscape...got it now? wanna know how to touch blindly? Here is an example -> Yeah the same picture again....look at that blue messaging 7 app on the center of the tv display, I'm dragging it....now look at my thumb position...middle of the phone screen...easy right? Now lets talk some important stuff....once the phone screen timeouts or locks, the display on tv goes and doesn't come back till you restart...so to avoid this better go to settings-screen-sleep-and select sleep after 30 mins...that much time would be enough to fix your phone -> You can also enable show touch input in settings-developer settings if you like... Now most important step...go to settings-about phone-system updates-update via ota...if your phone is connected to the net, this will happen -> now download and flash it like you do any update...-> After reboot see the magic-> Easy?
  10. I repeated the drill once more for those who didn't get what i was saying and for those who don't understand how to use hdmi What do you need? 1- A bricked x900/osd that has gone crazy and is flashing colors on the screen and nothing else after flashing update.zip...ie one like this-> 2- An HDTV like this one right here -> 3-An hdmi cable to connect your phone and tv How to start? 1- Connect your phone to tv when the phone is switched off. Then switch it on like this -> to be continued in next comment.....
  11. Haha sweet! Yeah I think its Ricky...but he hasn't been online for a while..one more guy is also hosting it...upload your version on dropbox or something...great work....will try it tomorrow(have an exam tomorrow so busy) Thanks !
  12. No dude that won't work...the display will go black again....he has updated with the 12 mb update....we have to downgrade it first....any method for that? And the aio tool downgrade won't work!
  13. Try doing a factory reset....it may remove the update safely....then try to root....coz I remember I got rid of chrome when I did factory reset(got chrome through the 22 mb update But beware you'll loose all your apps and messages!
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