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  1. Hello guys. I just got my Htc One and I'm new in this device. I bought it to someone rooted and unlocked. I get it back to Stock Rom by flashing it Manually. I got HTC One 801n My question is how come that I am not getting any HSPA+ signals? I live in Makati, I also tried in Taguig and Paranaque but no luck. I am using Smart's LTE Micro Sim. I understand that I will not getting LTE coverage from smart since their 1800mhz is not yet available, but HSPA+ should be working right? I tried it anywhere and the speed I get is most of the time below 1 megabits. The fastest speed I got is 3 megambits but not stable and for some specific place only. The seller told me that my HTC One came from US.. I'm wondering if I need to flash other radio firmware? Can you help me what Baseband version are you using and if you're getting a decent speed? I think getting below 1 mbps is not normal especially here in Makati and Ayala. Here's my Software Info Android Version : 4.4.2 HTC Sense Version: 5.5 Software Number: 4.19.401.8 HTC SDK: 5.68 Baseband: 4A.21.3263.04_10.38m. 1157.04L If you're getting a decent speed what is your baseband? Thanks and Godbless!
  2. Is the last build for Huawei G510 is the final build and no more bugs, and the only left working on is for Huawei Y300?
  3. Hi Josalito, I noticed that it doesn't have google apps? Like play store and the ability to login your google account. I think it would be better if you put it in?
  4. joenefloresca

    Rom - (OptimusDAY 1.5)

    Have you fixed it yet?
  5. joenefloresca

    Rom - (OptimusDAY 1.5)

    I tried it also but didn't work :( how about yours?
  6. Me too. Tried everything I could. My Device is G510. No work as well, guess we need to wait for a while.
  7. joenefloresca

    Rom - (OptimusDAY 1.5)

    I tried it and doesn't hang up calls?
  8. Ok but I'll still try to flash european baseband and see if it works.
  9. The Sim Card doesn't work, should I flash the European Baseband Again?
  10. "Bugs only on Y300 devices(NOT IN G510): Very high contrast, white colours saturates.(Kernel problem, trying to find and fix it)" That means on Y300 devices only? I have a G510 w/c he indicates bugs"NOT IN G510"?
  11. Sim Card doesn't work? Is it a known bug? My device is G510-0100
  12. Yeah I know. my mistake, but definitely works in 3G Networks.
  13. Guys, camera works fine to me. By the way, I haven't tried it on Y300. My device is only G510 - 200 with European Baseband.

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