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  1. I concur.. no lockscreen, home button doesn't work, no toggles in notification drawer. I couldn't make use of this rom because of these. Hope they get fixed as B601 looks to be the newest Huawei ICS 4.0.3 build.
  2. While everything else seems OK (signal, toggles), the wifi hotspot didn't work for me which unfortunately is a dealbreaker. Going back to MIUI 2.7.6 (ICS 4.0.3). The symptom is the hotspot toggle does activate but I can't see my hotspot being advertised. Same with the AOSP 4.4.2 build as well which uses what appears to be the same kernel. I'm guessing then it's a kernel/driver issue.
  3. lewispaul9, I see you've updated the list but not included my MIUI 2.7.6 in my sig. Can you please add it to the list? It's the best performing MIUI available for the G300.
  4. lewispaul9 , did you want to include the MIUI v2.7.6 in my sig to the list?
  5. Try the MIUI V4 (2.7.6) in my sig. Any versions after 2.7.6 became laggy due from their increased memory footprint.
  6. Try the MIUI V4 (2.7.6) in my sig. Any versions after 2.7.6 became laggy due from their increased memory footprint.
  7. Smooth scrolling framework mod now available G300-MIUI276-smooth-scroll-Rydlis.zip framework mod that disables Scrollingcache has been contributed by Rydlis. Simply flash this ZIP in recovery and reboot to see faster scrolling. File has been been added to the MIUI 2.7.6 repository. Rydlis has indicated that he may contribute other desirable framework mods in the future.
  8. Further to tillaz initial post, some newer RIL versions for stock based ICS ROM'S. Click to download RIL-960, RIL-952, RIL-940, RIL-926 : Radios from the different Huawei ICS builds.
  9. Some of the apps like MIUIHome and MIUIplayer can be used standalone. Others require the MIUI underlying framework, requiring flashing the complete ROM to work.
  10. Australian G300 (850/2100Mhz) and G300+ (850/900/2100Mhz) ICS modems Download>> Australian_G300_ICS_modems Select either the G300 (U8815-51, ICS-B958) or G300+ (U8851-71, ICS-B948) file suitable for your phone and flash in CWM/TWRP recovery. These were created by extracting the modem files directly from their respective ICS update.app. Could come in handy to Australian G300/G300+ owners.
  11. Unlike other optimized stock-based ROMs like slim, stock+, MIUI integrates with the underlying platform framework. That's a decompiling/compiling process. Means would require a real dev like GenoKolar to get a B952 base. I've attempted contact to request that but have no reply since. B926 though seems pretty good. The 'no service' is something I've seen on first boot. Pulling the battery, waiting 5 seconds and restarting will definitely fix it. Unless this is one of those 'funny sim' situations that has affected roms like Baidu. Please try this remedy and advise. Also suggest using the ROM's standard RIL-B926. So don't flash RIL-B952 or RIL-B960 from the repository.
  12. While I liked Baidu, it wasn't able to run Huawei apps (FM radio, camera, EMUI, music player) and didn't leave that much free RAM. That's why I wanted a stock-ICS based ROM which is what you get with this MIUI 2.7.6. Plus get all the MIUI themed goodness+apps, ICS performance, plenty of RAM available for user apps and app/mem control. I run this ROM exclusively after having tested plenty in my sig. My next phone will be an official MIUI V5 (or 6 by then) supported one. eg: http://www.gizchina.com/2013/07/24/miui-v5-available-for-the-oppo-find-5/ No apps drawer. Apply workaround at http://androidspin.com/2011/09/23/howto-solve-your-app-drawer-woes-on-miui/ if need something very similar.
  13. Not that I'm aware of. Anybody else? Request for framework mods I've sent a PM below to tillaz asking for help to mod the framework to improve this ROM further. Haven't heard back as yet so maybe others using this ROM can seek assistance here as well?
  14. Huawei have told us no JB for the G300, so don't expect a vendor 4.3 solution. CM 10.2 (??) maybe? In the interim consider a updated bootanimation:

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