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  1. Thanks, Diehard. You've given me an idea install backup applications, I also have found application for APNs backup. To backup applications, which have to do is: -Install APP Backup & Restore. - Backup app. Backup APN: -Install Apn backup&Restore. -Backup APN. Restore APN: -Install Titanium Backup Pro -Enter Titanium. -Go to the tab Backup / Restore. -Press in the seconds on APN Backup & restore -Make "make system application" -Go to app: APN backup & restore. -Go to Settings> Enable ICS check. -Restore APN. To me has been restoring applications faster..Thanks for your time. The camera works with the same rom reinstalled.
  2. Nobody can give me a solution of camera? Did I wear another rom, on CM10 R7? (although I have not really wanted)? Thank you very much.
  3. Thanks for your reply, I have done what you asked. I attach the log. catlog.txt
  4. Hello. I'm Spanish, in huawei ascend mobile g300, I've set many times the roms for the reason of slowness and errors, before was infusion, cm9 and cm10 of Nightly and Experimental, in the end is CM10 from Nightly: http://getcm.thebronasium.com/?device=u8815 I was satisfied and I so happy with this rom, by how quickly and smoothly, except the camera, it does not work in many apps, screen is black but you can take pictures. I have no programming knowledge to install the camera driver for linux mobile (android 4.1.2 CM10) ... I can do? if I die for to prove another R7 CM10 rom, if I'm tired installing another rom .... i had gapps for ics, but Google Play could enter, and now I just installed gapps for jb, after this, the problem of camera persists. I attached the photo of rom information and the camera. What solution has the problem of the camera? Thank you. Best regards.

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