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  1. I have managed to do all the steps but now when i install the rom it now tells me instalation aborted
  2. Can you upload the final file after you have done all the copy pasting please?
  3. Kukumtu

    zte v9 ver 4.1

    You mean there is no solution completely for captivative screen users of ZTE V9 to use CM10??
  4. I found a solution to my bricked ZTE V9. Nothing seemed to work but what finally helped me was this ===>> http://forum.gsmhosting.com/vbb/f809/zte-v9-optus-too-many-pattern-attempts-done-driver-flasher-firmware-inside-1427615/
  5. How do i revert back to FTM mode while in bricked position?? Unfortunately i can enter recovery mode but the volume keys used to are not responding.
  6. Yes i do have the recovery but the problem is ADB does not now recognize my device and the volume up and down keys used to scroll in recovery mode are not responding.
  7. Hi everyone, I have downloaded the CM10.1 but when i was following the procudure on how to install it, i realized i had formated the sd card which had the rom inside. So i had to remove the battery to remove the sd card and load the rom in it afresh. Unluckily the device went off and now i cannot reboot it is stuck at the ZTE white screen logo. I have ADB which was working perfectly before this happened but now it tells me error device not found. I have killed server and started it again but still the Adb devices command displays nothing. The volume keys once i have entered the recovery mode are also not responding. Please help me in whaterver way possible. Thanks

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