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  1. Thanks for your reply :) I currently just have Social Gallery disabled using the in built option to do so, how exactly do I go about removing it entirely? Sorry if that's is a bit of a stupid question. I've looked across the forum and spotted this in another topic about battery use "Just root, mount system r/w and delete the app from system/app." I just don't understand the 'mount system r/w' bit, I'm rooted though. Also I heard it mentioned removing Xolo apps would help, I'm fine with doing that, just all Xolo based apps? And would I delete them the same way? Thanks for all your help :)
  2. I've tried to have a wiggle with the camera piece with the back off, but no particular joy, I've made it work about 3 times since it initially stopped working, once since I had a wiggle, it seems very loose, the actual lens module itself, I feared it had somehow come completely disconnected, however it has worked once since my wiggle with it so it can't be entirely disconnected, I just couldn't figure out where it needs to be pushed into more. Is yours working for good now symun? If so, any chance you could take me a snap of how your camera lens looks so I can try match mine up? Still won't be able to take mine back to an EE store for a few weeks as there aren't any within range here in mid Wales =( bloomy.
  3. I've had my OSD for nearly 2 months now, I've got the Xolo ICS rom running on it, however sadly I'm getting pretty atrocious battery life out of the phone. Generally the most I get out of it is 7-8 hours max from a full charge to completely flat, and that includes large periods not doing a lot. Syncing is not active for anything, I've underclocked to 1.2ghz, but still pretty naff. I never seem to get more than an hour and a half screen on time in total from a full charge, and it can regularly be less than this. The screen is generally set to lowest brightness, and social gallery is disabled. Does this seem really out of character with other people's experiences? I know this is also possibly nothing, but when I received my San Diego, it has absolutely no battery power, it was at 0%. Usually when I've bought other phones etc they've had some charge already in them, and I thought with phones these days, newer battery tech, you were ideally supposed to keep some charge in them all of the time, not let them crash to 0% too often, could my San Diego, being stored in a warehouse somewhere with no charge have reduced the general health of the battery? Thanks for reading my ramblings :)
  4. Hey there, I too am having this problem, and was all set to send it back to Orange for a repair when I saw this. Where did you get at the silver bit of the camera from? Anywhere in particular? It's just I can't seem to get enough purchase on it to lift it up at all, I can't seem to really get anything under it, it seems very well sealed onto the back of the phone. Do you think this issue could also be fixed by removing the back and tinkering with the lens area from there? Since the camera just stopped working one day, giving the 'Can't connect to camera' error, I tried the multiple reboots and different camera apps, only once, after a long reboot, did the camera work again, as did the LED flash, which also does not work for me at the moment, since however it has ceased to work, and no amount of reboots seem to help. Hopefully someone can help, not that I wish misfortune on anyone, but I'm glad to have found this topic and discovered others have had the same issue! Thanks for reading :)
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