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  1. I have the same problem... this may sound weird but try pressing in your speaker. When I do that it the screen comes back on... (back speakerphone)
  2. Does anyone experience hanging on the screen during calls. e.g. black screen ??
  3. Ahh Yes thank you I just couldn't remember how to do it Sorry for the hassle.
  4. that's for the last build of all of Daz's devices. That reminds me.. Does anyone know how to keep track of these changes for U8815 only. As I often find it hard to find the CHANGES.txt url as it changes after another build for another device ~_~..
  5. Thanks Perhaps it was a bit of a 'placebo'. Maybe I was imagining the performance was dropping slightly....
  6. Bit off topic but continuing on what said ^^ Guys what do you think about setting the min cpu frequency to say... 600 MhZ ?? would that affect the lifespan of the CPU?
  7. Hey guys I was wondering if anyone knows where I can access IRC logs? The one I've been accessing has stopped quite a while ago and I need to catch up on things :D. Thanks
  8. From your previous post. You must officially unlock your bootloader to prevent 3G reboots and other problems. (meaning don't use the g300.exe unlockbootloader method).See my signature on how to do this. And give +1 to George for his effort on the tutorial! This should sort somethings out if you follow the process.
  9. If you have enabled SD as primary then SDCard0 should be your SDCard. Theres a script on the forum but I'm not sure what it's called. somethinglike links2sd. I think it allows you to install most of the app on the SDCard. Another Modaco user more experienced on this could help.
  10. Are you sure you have the correct google apps zip file :http://goo.im/gapps/gapps-jb-20130813-signed.zip
  11. Really Bizarre everything was working fine with yesterdays build had gapps then I updated with wipes and all and then, I appear to have no launcher. gapps is a pain now.... too big, our g300 has almost no space left >.<. But Thanks, Daz
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