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  1. People here are reporting that 4.0.4 is waaaay smoother and faster than JB so as long as there is a performance improvement, why not,.
  2. If anyone that installed is kindly enough to tell us 2 words about this rom would be awesome. Obviously this can't be a daily-use rom but i'd be fun to test. btw, is there any further development going on with this rom?
  3. Sorry, but in my opinion this is bullshit, Google will never release a "lighter" version of android because of marketing purposes, hardware requirements are higher => people buy more powerful(expensive) phones => smartphones manufacturers get to make new phones that people buy => every1 profit of it (google and manufacturers). If the required specs are getting lower people won't buy new smartphones => the manufacturers and Google get no money from it... And also, I have 2 devices that I'm currently running kitkat on and the ram consumption/performance wise is the same as the older versions of android.
  4. 4.4 is slower on my N7 3G than 4.3 so I wouldn't get my hopes too high lol. Maybe daz can tell us how is 4.4 performance wise compared to other roms out there.
  5. How is this performance wise, is it near close to CM roms?
  6. ^ The God himself How is 4.4 in terms of performance compared with this rom for example?
  7. Stock or stock-based roms have the best battery life from what I've seen.
  8. Ehm, no. I followed your tutorial, I set up the swap partition and when I use the terminal emulator and type "free" it shows that only a few swap MBs are used (most of the swap partition was free) and most of the memory is taken from the actual ram size. There was no big difference in terms of performance anyway.
  9. As much as I'd love to see Firefox OS or ubuntu for this phone, spyblaster is right.
  10. is flashable if you edit updater-script but it has the "screen dance" bug that CM10 had aswell, it's a kernel issue, hopefully it will get fixed soon.
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