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  1. timmy16bmx

    XMOD: MoDaCo Toolkit for Xposed Framework

    I did follow that the first time but I got into the boot loop and had to reset the app_process. I guess I forgot to retry that step. Thanks for the help and the awesome work you've done.
  2. timmy16bmx

    XMOD: MoDaCo Toolkit for Xposed Framework

    I am trying to get this all working on my HTC One dev edition. I've got Xposed framework 2.1.4 and the latest toolkit installed but the only thing I have seen work is the back button becoming a long press menu button. I have also checked the volume button wake option and the show battery percent and hide battery meter but none of these are working after reboots. In the xposed installer it shows this: Versions: active bundled Xposed Installer 2.1.4 app_process --- 34 XposedBridge.jar 2.1.4 2.1.4 Does that look correct? is there a known issue with the dev edition of the HTC One?

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