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  1. Why I should use hungarian rom? I can download the german rom! Or can I than flash to this version?
  2. I Downgraded to the official t-mobile Android 1.5 and had the same error during install the version from first page! I don't understand the following steps from installation manual! What I need to do? I only found a format sd card and the wipe menü. I used this instruction to install the custom rom is that the right way? http://www.modaco.com/topic/311809-the-ultimate-pulse-owners-guide/#entry1318836
  3. Thank you for the answers! I allready tried this version! When I understand the instructions right then I unzip the Amonra on my PC and then I run the bat file when the phone is connectet and in the blue screen window! Is this right? But I don't know what the Amonra should do! Tom
  4. I use Android 2.1 from t-mobile. If you mean backup with recovery, then it is nand backup
  5. Hi I want to update my Pulse to the newest version postet at the first post but i get an error what can I do? Error: Verifying update package... Wrong Digest: system/usr/keylayout/qwerty.kl Tom

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