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  1. I'll keep that in mind. But, as I said before I'm pleased with it this way. If I change my mind I will search for you and I will ask you questions >:). Soooo many questions >:)
  2. I have a fully working 4.3 (at least, that's what I think. Don't make me change my mind :D). For now I am pleased with it as it is and I don't wanna take the risks of rooting, unlocking bootloader, flashing, etc.
  3. I'm not even gonna root this phone xD. At least, not now. Maybe after a few months if I see something that I don't like. But it's kinda hard to find something like that at this phone :D.
  4. I want to thank all of you who work really hard on making the lives of g300 owners better and to wish you all good luck in everything you do. I won't be around here anymore (maybe I will but rarely) because I managed to get a brand new nexus 4 and I'll give my sister my g300. Thanks againg for all your help.
  5. I have now GB baseband, cm9 (flashed after that "ICS rom on GB baseband" zip) and cmw v4.something.something.something. I want to upgrade to this cwm. I just download the zip and flash it in cwm? Also, this version works on GB baseband? Thanks for reply.
  6. I got it about 1 year ago with 840 RON (romanian money :D) and that's about: - €190 - $254 - £164 That's pretty much, I know, but the phone just came in stores about 2-3 weeks before I bought it. (Also, prices here for about anything are high) Right now, it vanished from stores. All I could find here in Ro is at about 650 RON in an online store. And that's about: - €147 - $197 - £127
  7. Just installed this rom last night and File manager from Huawei won't show me my internal 2gb anymore. Is it supposed to be this way? On PC it pops up but no folder/file in there.
  8. Nope, I don't have any backup. I was on stock GB rom and then http://www.modaco.com/topic/363928-bootloop-maybe/ <-THIS happened. So I ended up with AtomicMod and i really miss that app. Can't find it anywhere.
  9. When I'll have some feee time I'll do some research. Thanks for reply. AtomicMod works nice. I'm using it since few days ago and I don'y have any problems. It has a bit less free ram than stock GB but it's fine like this. I uninstalled the launcher it had (I think it was GO launcher) and I'm using ADW. Also flashed stock contacts, stock music, stock gallery, huawei lockscreen. As a keyboard, I'm using Touchpal (same version you get on stock GB).
  10. Can anyone give me the Traffic manager app apk? I love that app and I can't find it anymore in my pc. Anyone with a rooted stock GB can get it.
  11. This works great and it's really good looking. Is there a way to get rid of the "volume wake" thing? I use an app that skips songs on volume keys but only works on screen off and when i try to use it on this rom, the volume keys just wake my phone so the app is not working anymore X_X. Also, the screen off animation is kinda laggy. What can i do to make it smoother? Or is there any way to remove it?
  12. So flashing recovery was no solution. I flashed it, it said okay but now, if I want to enter recovery (vol up + power) the huawei logo appears and then the 3 buttons and the LED light up and stay this way. So, I should try to force update b952? Also, how much memory do I need to do that because i have only an empty 2gb sd card? Is that enough? Later edit: Tried to force update to b952 with the zip from huawei device site and at about 5% of "Unpacking" i get "Update failed". It is because of the 2gb sd card or do I need that thing called "middle package" or something like that? Where can I get it? Later edit 2: I, somehow, managed to install cwm (this was about 3rd or 4th recovery that i installed. I don't know why but the other ones weren't working). AT LAST ^_^ Later edit 3: I managed to install AtomicMod and now it's all fine. Thanks alot dalyer for all your help. ^_^ :D
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