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  1. I don't know why but system sounds are dissapeared with Slimkat5 for G330! All sounds under system/media are dissapeared in Settings-> Audio... I don't know why...
  2. into AudioHardware.cpp and have successful test build - Slim-u8825-4.4.2.build.5.FMTEST.20140513-CHIL360.zipTry it out and let me know if it works. YEAH!!! RADIOFM WORKS :D Only volume buttons doesn't work in radio mode! BUT REALLY THANKS for you job :D
  3. G330 uses qcom fm, I can confirm it! With y300 build, radio works but we can hear audio! The same is for ringtones, voice call etc... The only different thing is audio configurations, I think...
  4. RadioFM for G330 is the same of y300 (we can listen radio from stock Y300 4.1.1). You need different to adapt the different audio configuration of speaker in system/lib/hw/audio.primary.msm7627a.so system/lib/hw/audio_policy.default.so system/lib/hw/audio_policy.msm7627a.so and system/lib/libaudioflinger.so If you can adapt this, we can have radioFM in g330 =)
  5. Kra1o5, when I try to upload a video with instagram the app crash! Instagram works perfectly with cm10 and cm11 but with cm10.1 crash! Why? Can you fix it?
  6. with per app hack I had bootloop with cm10.1.... maybe this app is not full compatible
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