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  1. I dont instal any google apps except the "google account manager" cuz this is needed for using google locations, without it some apps cant recognize ur location, and some apps rely on it for syncing contacts. and all the apps get notification except instagram.
  2. so that means you are about to fix them, cool if i was you i would put the wifi problem in the higher priority
  3. Why this rom doesn't get weekly updates like slimkat did ?!
  4. did you flash gapps ? Just wanna make sure if gapps are causing lags or the lollipop gets laggy after installing apps
  5. Hey, i have question, How can i disable charging led without using exposed modules ?!
  6. Is this Rom any better than AOSP B209 ?! Just your personal outlooks would be appreciated :D
  7. thats just a visual effect that comes with "low ram = false" for trasparent status bar etc, i guess if you disable trasparent status bar it will be disable, just a guess
  8. there was the option for it in fusion x , why not here
  9. Why dont u upload whole new rom with updates instead of several updates, its kinda confusing
  10. Fonz is the rom developper and you are the kernel developer, maybe you both can bring this feature :D
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